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Fire safety awareness and training in Surrey

Our team of ex-fire service personnel at RN Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd can arrange training sessions for your staff on any aspect of fire safety.

To comply with the Health & Safety at Work act, it is necessary for employers to provide their staff with appropriate fire safety training. Fire Awareness Training is necessary for all staff who have not undertaken Fire Warden training or for staff in smaller premises that do not require to have Fire Wardens. The training can be made site specific to your premise and includes training in the use of extinguishers.


Fire Safety training for managers.

This training is specifically for any person with responsibility for a building or premise to ensure that they fully understand the responsibilities that they have in regard to fire safety, training of staff, carrying out relevant testing and servicing of any fire safety features/equipment and carrying out the necessary record keeping/auditing to comply with current legislation.


Fire Safety training for carers.

Specific training for any person in the care industry when dealing with children or the elderly.


Train your staff to be prepared in case a fire
breaks out

Fire hazard awareness is one of the most important obligations of employers in the UK as it concerns the safety of the employees. RN Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd has built a reputation for conducting fire safety awareness lessons for clients in Surrey, London and the surrounding areas. Our experts can train you on how to use fire extinguishers and fire blankets. If you want to attend fire warden and marshal training or fire safety training, you’ve come to the right place. We can also conduct fire drills. Contact our team in Surrey today.


Fire Warden training and extinguisher training

RN Fire & Safety Ltd will give you essential Fire Warden Training for your staff on your premises. Are you looking to install fire extinguishers for your commercial property in Surrey and London? RN Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd can supply and install the appropriate fire extinguisher type for your property. Whether you need foam fire extinguishers or wet chemical extinguishers, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team can provide inspection certificates and conduct fire extinguisher training. You can also depend on us to safely dispose of old extinguishers using environmentally-friendly methods.

To comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act, if a person is working in a premise that is provided with portable fire-fighting equipment, it is necessary that they receive training in their use. All extinguishers have the potential to cause harm if they are used incorrectly or in the wrong situation.

Training can be organised at your own premise in order to limit the disruption to the running of your business.

All training participants will receive a certificate. 

Fire Safety Audits


Choose us for:

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire policies and procedures
  • Fire safety training
  • Escape management plans


Fire hazard awareness

We can train your staff to be vigilant and careful, but more importantly we will ensure that they are aware of the potential fire hazards and fire safety regulations. If you need fire hazard assessment, our experts can survey your property and provide a full report that will help you meet the requirements of your insurer.


Do you need training on fire safety regulations in Surrey and London?

RN Fire & Safety Solutions Ltd. 07947 026 508.  enquiries@rn-fire-safety.co.uk


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